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As an actor, I'm a guy of many diverse talents, one of which is creating my own performance opportunities. As a human being, I have a huge heart, wear a different cartoon pin every day, and will always make you smile. As a coach, I will be your champion and sessions with me  will be fun, informative, and will leave you feeling taken care of. My particular strengths lie in Musical Theater, Regional Theater, VoiceOver and how to move your career forward when finances are tight. (Anyone feeling that right now?) Whether it's creating a brand, finding work, or learning to network, my experience in casting and in corporate career transition makes me an excellent fit for both beginning and experienced actors. You will learn the ins and outs of a successful acting career and enjoy yourself!


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Send Out Cards

Send Out Cards is an online system in which you can create your own customized greeting cards and postcards and then they will print, stamp, and mail them for you!  As a Manager with Send Out Cards, I find this helpful to anyone who is in a service-based industry but it is a vital tool for actors.  Imagine sending out an 8-week mailings campaign to Industry professionals in under 20 minutes or walking into an audition and the casting director greets you by name. I actively utilize this system as an essential part of my career and I welcome you to check out the opportunity yourself by visiting...


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